Minda Global Trading Corporation is the leading local supplier of sand for reclamation projects in the Philippines, particularly in Manila Bay area. The proven used of sand for reclamation projects in the international jurisdiction such as Singapore, Hong Kong, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Brunei and Malaysia has inspired local real estate developers in partnership with foreign investors to venture into a massive 21,000 hectares reclamation projects in Manila bay as indicated in table below:

Profile of Reclamation Projects in Manila Bay, Philippines

#Reclamation ProjectsName of ProponentArea (No. of hectares)
Manila Water Front CityWaterfront Manila Premier Development Inc. (WMPD)318
2Horizon ManilaJ. Bros Construction Corp.419
3Manila Bay International CommunityUAA Kinming Group Development Corp.407
4Solar City Manila BayManila Goldcoast Development Corp.148
5Expansion of Manila HarbourR-II Builders50
6Pasay Harbour ConsortiumUdena Dev Corp & China Harbour Engineering Company Limited265
7SM Group ReclamationSM Group660
8Las Pinas-Paranaque Coastal Bay ProjectLas Pinas City & Paranaque City635
9Sangley Point Reclamation (Global Gateway)All Asia Resources Corp & Belle Corp2,500
10Coastal Development Consortium (Manila-Bataan)San Miguel Holdings & New San Jose Builders15,565

Given the substantial requirement of sand to be used in the 21,000 hectares reclamation projects in Manila Bay, Minda Global Trading Corporation is currently sourcing a huge volume of the reclamation sand from the rivers and catchment areas of Mount Pinatubo. Since Mount Pinatubo ejected approximately 7.5 billion tons of volcanic sand in year 1991 it is more than enough for the estimated 1.2 billion metric tons of sand required for the 21,000 hectares of reclamation projects in Manila Bay.